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In the words of legendary John Zachman


 "I have known Sunil Dutt Jha for more than ten years and of all the Architects that I know, and I know quite a few, Sunil is at the top of the list."

John Zachman, Father of Enterprise Architecture


Nikhil Kale
Advisory Software Engineer 

The practical aspect and approach towards architecture, Applying architectural thinking in regular activities and the experience and the insight that Sunil had in this field greatly enhanced the course content. How to develop a mindset to applying architecture in all aspects of Software design, development and validating and i is a must attend for all professionals designing, developing software, even for test engineers



Prabhu Jha

Vice President Delivery

JK Technoloft

Decomposition and mapping of requirements at all levels, Strategy to implementation, View for each group of stakeholders etc. are very helpful. Any Project and Program Manager, New or practicing Architect. This workshop will give a perspective which has been missing from everything we do and it needs to be corrected.


Lakshminarayanan Sundareswaran

Asst Director (Infrastructure Innovations) – EY

The topic by itself was an eye-opener. A lot myths were busted out by the instructor which was very nice. IT architecture is a business problem and not that of IT


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