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Premium Solution Package

We also have Solution Packages based on Enterprise Anatomy which can be directly purchased to address your Enterprise problems. These solution packages are created based on various customer engagements. Each Enterprise Anatomy driven solution package can be further customized to suit your requirements. These packages include templates, training hours, and sample models along with live video consultations.

Architecture Methodologies 

We have got 9 methodologies customized for quick start


Extract Elements from Enterprise Compounds

Extract Enterprise Elements ( Data, Function, Network, Rules, UI, Timing) from Enterprise Compounds (Composites)


Create new Business


Refine and create new business strategies using strategy elements


Customer Excellence

Improve business processes by creating multiple target process using process elements


Processes & Application Rationalization

Use well proven methodology to rationalize Business Processes & Applications post M&A 


Define IT Architecture

Create IT Architecture using IT elements (Data, Function, Network, Rules, UI, Timing)


Create Enterprise Anatomy

Create connected model of all sub models of the Enterprise, which is shared across Projects as a common resource


COTS Selection

COTS selection, Outsourcing components, Cloud based solutions


Digital Transformation Across Departments

Digital Transformation by aligning six enterprise variables across multiple departments


Solve CEO problem

Create multiple solutions to solve CEO problem in 30 days cycl

Consulting hours

Hybrid model
(Onsite / Video Consultation)

Training slides

You will receive training slides that can be used for your team


Excel template, checklist to ensure that tasks are done


Interview Question

We share interview questions for stakeholders to felicitate better discovery


Solution templates consisting of various enterprise elements

Sample Models

Sample models to use it for your custom solution


Guidelines and suggestions to avoid common mistakes, better results


Planned review for better implementation, results


Implementation & operational support

Enterprise Anatomy Driven Solutions




Use well proven methodology to rationalize Business Processes & Applications post M&A

Enterprise Architecture Solutions


Use well proven methodology to rationalize Business Processes & Applications post M&A

IT Architecture



IT-driven Business Systems are critical to the Enterprise life-line. How to define, create and manage IT assets for creating new solutions

Reach Us Before  Your Competitors Do

Fast track architecture rating for PROJECTS & solutions

This service offering consists of applying ICMG’s Architecture Assessment Framework to arrive at the Ratings for Project / Solution Architecture. A comprehensive Rating Report is presented with recommendations for improvements

Architecture Ratings and awards for PROJECTS & enterprises

Every year for the past 14 years, we have been holding Architecture Rating competitions and Awards Summits at Regional and Global Locations around the world. Many Fortune 100 companies have taken part in this program and benefited immensely. On-Site and Off-Site assessments of Project Architectures are carried out and Winners are presented with Awards at Regional and Global level.

workshop on digital architecture 

We conduct Architecture Workshops with a focus on BFSI case studies for Decision  Makers,  Architects,  and Business Process Owners.  You can attend a public session in /near your city.


This can be delivered in-house in a Custom Tailored Format

Discussion Forum- The Problem solver

Discussions provide an excellent opportunity for Industry Groups to raise Architecture related issues in a Peer environment and get Best Practice suggestions and also expert opinions from our Consultants.

 Rating services


ICMG in middle east is a leading, full-service Enterprise and IT Architecture Service Provider, enabling its customers to manage new opportunities using Enterprise Anatomy driven solutions.


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