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Becoming Direct Universal Bank

Financial Services Insight

Strategy execution, Process change, Technology upgrade, Direct channels etc. are key to vision realization

Insight 2:   Journey to become “Direct Universal Bank”  

Using Enterprise Architecture to map the Enterprise’s Processes and Technologies and develop Roadmaps for the future in realising Organisational Goals and Objectives is a very popular approach taken up in many Financial Institutions around the globe.


This was certainly the case for a major European Bank that conducted a major strategic planning exercise.


The goal was to deliver a comprehensive enterprise-wide roadmap that would enable the Bank to plan and execute the transformation needed to realize its Vision 2015 to be ‘the’ direct universal bank in the market.


This initiative had an enterprise-wide impact and was supported by a sound and elaborated enterprise architectural approach.


The Bank was in a good shape, but at the same time faced a number of fundamental challenges that called for a broad transformation program to live up to the expectations created by its Vision.


In 2009, the Bank did excellent Financial Results thanks to outstanding performances in all business lines while keeping costs and risks well-controlled.


The Bank can be considered as a strong player in the European.


The new distribution model proved to be effective and in-line with clients demand, increasing use of direct channels.

Reach Us Before  Your Competitors Do

Architecture Ratings and awards for financial enterprises

Every year for the past 14 years, we have been holding Architecture Rating competitions and Awards Summits at Regional and Global Locations around the world. Many Fortune 100 companies have taken part in this program and benefited immensely. On-Site and Off-Site assessments of Project Architectures are carried out and Winners are presented with Awards at Regional and Global level.

Fast track architecture rating for financial solutions

This service offering consists of applying ICMG’s Architecture Assessment Framework to arrive at the Ratings for Project / Solution Architecture. A comprehensive Rating Report is presented with recommendations for improvements

workshop on digital architecture for financial enterprises

We conduct Architecture Workshops with a focus on BFSI case studies for Decision  Makers,  Architects,  and Business Process Owners.  You can attend a public session in /near your city.


This can be delivered in-house in a Custom Tailored Format

Discussion Forum- finaciancial services

Forums provide an excellent opportunity for Industry Groups to raise Architecture related issues in a Peer environment and get Best Practice suggestions and also expert opinions from our Consultants.

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